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Restoration of all kind of organs, mechanical, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and direct electric of any age with a particular specialisation on historical Italian organs.


Organ restoration is a vast and elaborative art. Such projects will require extensive initial study to determine the exact condition and state of the instrument, and to carefully plan out and design a method statement of how the organ needs to be treated. Each organ is unique, and a sound knowledge of the instrument, as well as consultation and advice given by third party professionals can be the most effective method to achieve the best results.


Since organs are a mechanical instrument made with non-synthetic materials, we will need to design a precise conservation method for each organ so as to conserve as much of the instrument components as possible, as well as to make it practical both functionally, and maintenance wise. When new materials are used, they need to be highly compatible with the historic materials to create the most authentic result and return the instrument to its original state.


On the phonic side, one needs to conduct all the necessary studies to ensure that every measurement and research material is taken into account. This is done to determine the proper timbre of the instrument so it can be returned to its proper and original voicing structure.

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