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In 2008 Noel established the first organ building and design studio in Malta under the trade name ‘NG Pipe Organ Design’ specialising solely in the traditional pipe organ.


As an organ designer, he has been in increasing demand, working with many leading organ builders worldwide including:  Nicholson & Co. Ltd,  Rudolf Von Beckerath Orgelbau GmbH, Metzler Orgelbau AG. and others, which entrusted him to work on various projects of significant importance. Examples can be found in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Malta.


On the practical side, Noel has hands-on involvement with construction, restoration and maintenance of pipe organs sometimes in conjunction with other firms on instruments in the Maltese Archipelago. With his wide connections with the worldwide organ building fraternity, Noel draws on the experience of experts from many fields to give a truly professional and comprehensive service for his work over Malta and Gozo.



He studied Solo Piano with the Trinity College of Music London and organ performance under the tuition of Mro. Carmelo Zammit from Msida Malta. Organ building studies took him around the world to specialize in this art where he learned organ restoration and upgrading practice with Michael Farley Organ Builders of UK and new organ design and construction with Master Organ Builder Mr. Christoph Weber of Germany. He also gained much knowledge on Maltese historical organs with Mr. George Schembri, who with his father before him, spent much of the last century working on Maltese organs. Mr. Schembri was also a master for Noel on Piano tuning and repair. 


Noel studied Architecture, Drafting, Quantity Surveying, Internet Marketing and CAD software academic studies and worked for an architectural and civil engineering studio for 9 years. For 15 years he was the resident church organist at St. Gregory Parish Church Sliema and still regularly plays in churches around Malta and Gozo for masses and various concerts also in various European countries. He is frequently invited to take part in various cultural activities.


Noel is a warranted organ restorer-conservator and a member of The International Society of Organ builders. He has contributed articles for publication and addressed various organisations and conferences including The Institute of British Organ building and the St Alban's International Organ Festival as well as giving more informal lectures and demonstrations at national and international level. 

Noel Gallo organ builder
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