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Noel Gallo Organ building incorporates also piano services under the trade name

Gallo Piano Services

which services are offered over Malta and Gozo.

Noel is a piano player and studied solo piano performance and music theory with the

Trinity College of London. He also learned and practiced piano servicing with piano technicians locally and aboard, which gained many different experiences in tuning and, repair of various piano brands.



Offering all types of tuning services from touch-up tuning sessions to full tuning on every type of pianos. Tuning is a process of adjustments to the tension of all the strings in the piano so that they vibrate at the appropriate frequencies with more than 200 strings. Tuning service is also made to raise the pitch.  If the piano has not been tuned for a long time, the pitch slowly drops down from its original level, where consequently it becomes much harder to pull the strings back to their original tension. For this the tension for the strings need to be raised first and then, other tuning sessions can be made to a point for a fine-tuning session. If a piano is tuned regularly it will prevent the need for a pitch raise.

The playing mechanism of a piano consists of thousands of parts which require highly accurate adjustments to allow the piano to respond to the pianist in the best possible way. Humidity, temperature and usage affect the wooden and felt parts of the mechanism. To avoid sticking keys, squeaky pedals or an uneven feel, periodic adjustments can become necessary. The frequency of regulation depends on the quality of the instrument, its age, condition and wear. However, every one year is considered the norm to keep the instrument well responsive especially in the Maltese climate environment.


When considering rebuilding a piano, either partial or complete, it involves major replacement of worn parts and renewing the piano to new, or like new condition. Every part of the piano is subject to replacement or detailed reconditioning. Almost always the soundboard and the cast iron plate are cleaned and refinished. The case is usually repaired and refinished. New strings and tuning pins are installed, and the keys, action, back action, trap work, and pedal assemblies are renovated. Complete action regulation, tunings, and voicing finish the job with following. This type of work takes months in the shop, but the piano is brought back to excellent appearance and performance.



The more a piano is played, the more the felt on the hammer wears down and compresses. Voicing consists of softening or hardening the hammer felts and adjusting their shape. By doing this the tone is made even across the keyboard and the range of expression you can produce on the instrument is widened. Voicing puts the finishing touch on the tone of the piano. It mostly has to do with conditioning the felt of the hammers, which generate the sound of the piano by striking the strings. However, preliminary work must be done to level the strings and seat them at their bearing points. Then, hammers are mated to their strings so that each hammer strikes all its strings simultaneously, and at the proper point and proper angle which than work with the hammer felt can start.


We provide a door to door relocation service for pianos that will need to be moved. For this, we take care of the parts, which parts will first need to be checked and prepared for the transport and made safe within the piano to prevent movements during transport. The casework will need to be protected for the handling and also measured to ensure that it can reach the new location as to pass from tight spaces. Upon when the piano will reach the new home, we take care to reset the entire piano and giving it all the possible settings that it may need which includes action settings and tuning.

Purchasing consultancy

Either for a new or used piano, we can give advice on the possible best selection of an instrument by giving key guides on the specific case. Pianos are found in homes, schools, hotels, theatres and others, and every case can be evaluated to see which most piano can suit the specific use. As for used pianos, we can give advice on pianos that are for sale as to evaluate the condition state of the instrument and to advice on if the piano is good for the interested buyer.


We do provide evaluation study reports and market price valuation for pianos that need to be sold or for instruments that will be purchased. Evaluations do include also estimate quotations for any repair works that may be needed on the instrument in question. This service is particularly useful when you need information on the actual piano state and the proper market value of it to sell the instrument.

We do sell piano accessories and parts of the highest quality, that siutes the specific case. These includes: Metronomes, Lamps, dehumidifiers, etc. For more detail please get back to us to provide further details. 

Piano accessories


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