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New Organs

Organs of any style, size, use and action. Made with top quality materials and design, together with the latest technology.


A project for a new organ can be an exciting experience for the congregation and church administration also a challenging process. We can provide service and assistance to find the best musical and visual requirements in a feasible way, whilst making the experience as easy and stress-free as possible.


New organs are all custom made to suit the client’s needs and the building in which it needs to be located, thus every part and form will need to fit into a specific planned space. The first part of the process will be to study and determine the best location for both the acoustic and visual aspect and then, depending on space and budget, the stop list (ranks of pipes) can be planned to suit the client’s desired specification. We provide all the drawings including 3D visuals, to help the client see the construction process and the final product once completed.


A well-built pipe organ can be one of the most valuable investments for a church, they can last for generations and can also give a truly glorious experience during services, enriching the liturgy and inspiring the congregation.


Organs may seem to be an expensive initial purchase, but they will last for many years through careful construction using high-quality, durable materials made by expert workmanship in an artistic way, proving that they are a wise investment.

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