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On this page, one can find illustrations of some examples of Noel’s organ design works that are located all over the world.

As an organ designer, Noel has designed many new organs for different organ builders. Projects vary from small-sized organs to very large ones. These organs are in churches, cathedrals, auditoriums, theatres, music schools, universities and private residences.

Designing organs involves many types of design planning works and a good base of organ building knowledge., Since organs are all custom made for a client's particular case and location, every project needs to have a specific design for every part with different type of technologies. The design includes the casework which needs to house the organ itself and will need to match with the surrounding architecture, and most importantly the internal part which needs a fair amount of mechanical engineering and thus, pure scientific studies are undertaken to achieve the best results. Sometimes there is the need for architectural detailing as organs can be a very large instrument, some structural alterations may be necessary, so the organ designer needs to cater to this as well. Many detailed drawings of each component of the instrument are made, all of which need to fit perfectly inside the organ. Noel specializes in Computer Aided Design and 3D renderings techniques which in today's organ building industry are a useful tool to facilitate the design approach.


Similar to other project works, new organ projects are made through a tendering process too. Designs of the casework, organ planning layouts and costs are presented and if the organ is built by the tenderer (the organ builders), then shop drawings need to be made specifically for the organ in question so each part can be constructed to form the complete instrument. This is an intensive piece of work, where project management is highly practiced so as to have as smooth an operation as possible, and effective workmanship from all parties. Organs are built with the input of many specialists for each and every part, driven by the design to complete the instrument.



Detailed examples of these works can be found at



Below are some examples of our work.


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